Welcome to the Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai. Visit the habitat of cute elephants.

I will take you to visit and care for elephants, both big and small. You can see and enjoy elephants amidst nature at….?
Everyone can give elephants a better life again. To examine the qualities of nature with love and so that we can freely experiment with our creative nature. The appearance and love between elephants and people through expressions of love. The money you pay will not be wasted because the money you pay supports the purchase of agricultural vegetables. And help buy food from the local community, many types of plants, so that the elephants have enough to eat and to show their love for the elephants. And your money is part of helping elephants live a good life. Because the curator community alone cannot fund it all. Each elephant eats 300-500 kilograms of food per day. We want all tourists to visit and experience for themselves what elephant life is like.

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