Travel to Chiang Mai to reach the beautiful peaks.

The highest eye temple in Siam Comparing the sky, the clouds covering the peaks are like a sea of ​​mist in the morning and at night. The weather is cold and charming. It is a popular place for tourists to visit. Doi Inthanon is the highest peak in Thailand, 2,565.3341 meters above sea level. Located in the southwest of Chiang Mai. It is a national park in the Thanon Thongchai East mountain range with a wide area covering 3 districts: Mae Chaem, Chom Thong and San Pa Tong.
It is said that to walk around Doi Inthanon area it will take up to 10 days. which is a distance of approximately 90 kilometers
Today we know Doi Inthanon as a popular tourist destination. There is beautiful scenery. People like to go see the sea of ​​mist and go up to see “Mae Khaning” which people in the north call “Mei Khap” especially in winter. The temperature will drop almost to 0 degrees. In fact, Doi Inthanon is full of life. There are both plants and animals. Rich in interesting biodiversity
Doi Inthanon is a rocky mountain. Like Doi Suthep, Doi Pui is more than 600 million years old. It contains metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, and sedimentary rocks. The area of ​​Doi Inthanon National Park is a rich forest. Although at one time the forest was cleared by many ethnic hill tribes, creating approximately 50 square kilometers of bald mountain. The remaining 482.40 square kilometers of forest is still dense with deciduous dipterocarp forest, dry evergreen forest, pine forest, etc. It is alleged that in Doi Inthanon National Park there are more than 2,000 different types of plants.
The forest on the mountain is the source of many streams that flow into the Mae Ping River. There are many large waterfalls which are also tourist attractions, such as Mae Ya Waterfall, Mae Klang Waterfall, Wachirathan Waterfall, etc.?

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