once falls in the charm of the City of Three Mists, travels in stunningly beautiful nature at Mae Hong Son Province Mae Hong Son,

Many people must imagine the beauty of Mae Hong Son. Bua Tong Field It blooms beautifully to be admired once a year during the winter. Think of Muang Pai and Ban Rak Thai, popular tourist destinations that are full of lifestyle. And the culture of the people in the area from the past has been passed on to the present, which is very interesting. Follow us to get to know History of Mae Hong Son Province The 8th largest province in the country but sparsely populated. And there is one of the most diverse populations of people from many ethnic groups in Thailand. Mae Hong Son has been home to humans since prehistoric times. Archaeologists have studied that they are Stone Age humans, approximately 7,000-4,500 years old, from archaeological evidence excavated in caves in Pang Mapha District. But if talking about the actual beginning of Mae Hong Son is probably during the Lanna Kingdom
And The city of Pai was founded around the year 1800. It was originally called Ban Don and corresponded to the Lanna Kingdom period. The Shan people named Phaka So gathered people from various cities in Burma to explore and establish villages until they became large communities.

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