History of Chiang Mai worshiping Buddha, exploring nature Priceless heritage of Lanna The city of Chiang Mai has a name that appears in legends for a long time.

“Noppaburi Sri Nakhon Ping Chiang Mai” is the capital of the kingdom. Lanna Thai has existed since Phaya Mang Rai built it in 1839, and the city of Chiang Mai has continued to evolve. Throughout history, Chiang Mai had the status of an independent capital ruled by the Mangrai dynasty kings for approximately 261 years (between 1296 – 1557)
Chiang Mai is a province filled with natural charm. and arts and culture that have been passed down for a long time Especially the smell of Lanna Aryadhamma that is still visible in the architectural forms of temples Various ancient objects that are still preserved in various museums and ancient sites Including the way of life of the local people that reflects that Even though times have changed, Chiang Mai still preserves its unique arts and culture. Going back to the time of Phraya Mangrai, King Rama 25 of Hiran Nakhon Ngen Yang Chiang Laos. He originally reigned at Muang Chiang Rai But after building a new city named “Noppaburi Sri Nakhon Ping Chiang Mai” in 1839, His Majesty moved to reign in this city. and established it as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom since then. Chiang Mai was an independent city under the rule of the Mangrai Dynasty for 261 years, but in the year 1558, Chiang Mai lost its independence. and was under Burmese rule for more than 200 years.

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