Chiang Rai Sri Lanna 9 temples

everyone must come to visit is and beautiful city the northernmost point of Siam. It is the northernmost province of Thailand. The northern border is adjacent to Chiang Tung region Myanmar The northeastern border is next to the Mekong River, while the eastern border is with Laos. The general geography is forests and high mountains. As a result, the weather in Chiang Rai province during the summer and winter will have completely different temperatures. During the winter the weather is quite cold. It’s around 8 degrees. If you go up the mountain, the weather will be even lower. In the summer The temperature may go up to around 36-37 degrees Celsius. Many people probably already know that Chiang Rai is an old city of the Lanna Kingdom that has a very long history. It is said to have been more than 700 years old. According to historical evidence, it is recorded that on January 26, 1805, after Phaya Mang Rai gathered the northern provinces. and went to gather the troops at Lao Ku Ta City His Majesty’s elephant also disappeared to the east. He then followed the elephant’s footsteps to Doi Chom Thong, which was located on the bank. Kok Nathi River saw that Chaiyaphum was suitable for building a city Therefore, a wire was built to surround Doi Chom Thong, dubbed “Wiang Chiang Rai”. Most tourists know each other all over the world and flock to Chiang Rai Province, which has many tourist attractions and is the northernmost province of Siam, which connects back to Thailand, Burma, Laos, and is blocked by the Mekong River. international

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